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A drawing of the V.O. Figge Natural Science Wing addition to the Putnam in 1995.

Putnam curator Susan Cassel poses before the mummies exhibit in 1969.

TOP: William H. Pratt, one of the Davenport museum's four founders. This public school penmanship teacher's records remain legible today.

Inventory of a time capsule placed in the cornerstone of the Davenport Public Museum at 704 Brady St., Oct. 4, 1961.

Joseph Duncan Putnam joined the Davenport Academy of Sciences as a youth, then became its first editor.

An early poster for the Davenport Academy of Sciences, predecessor of today's Putnam Museum.

David Sprouse, 5, of East Moline examines the Putnam's mummy exhibit in the 1960s.

An early location of the Davenport Public Museum at 704 N. Brady Street.

Marjorie Schroeder, of Pleasant Valley, poses in 1961 with the oil portrait she painted of museum benefactor W. C. Putnam.

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Mark Ridolfi

Mark Ridolfi commented on Fair trade?

Thanks, Badgerbacker, for catching my error. Editorial amended. -- Mark Ridolfi, Times Editorial Page Editor.

Mark Ridolfi

Mark Ridolfi commented on Old name still fits new bridge

Thanks, Bettaxpayer. Updated Congressional Research Service document puts it at 116,516. (

Mark Ridolfi

Mark Ridolfi commented on Desecrate flag? Lose citizenship

Tnx for the copy edit, Wheezy.

Mark Ridolfi

Mark Ridolfi commented on He didn't go far enough

Kriss Wells, of LeClaire, today reaffirmed authorship of this letter, which we verified prior to publication. Thanks. Mark Ridolfi, Opinion Page Editor, Quad-City Times.

Mark Ridolfi

Mark Ridolfi commented on Development returns to floodplain

Thanks, Todd, for adding your commentary to our editorial web page.

Mark Ridolfi

Thanks for your inquiry, 'Keeps.'
As indicated in the column above, this was an original editorial. I wrote it March 18 for our March 19 edition. It reflects the opinion and discussion of our editorial board, nothing more.
Mark Ridolfi
Editorial Page Editor
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