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What do the candidates say?

What do the candidates say?

Joe Biden

  • ​​Restore America's image with the world and rebuild relationships with other countries
  • Reenter the United States into the Iran nuclear deal
  • Work toward denuclearizing North Korea
  • Elevate diplomacy by rebuilding the U.S. State Department
  • End President Trump's travel ban on seven majority Muslim countries
  • Strengthen alliances with Japan, South Korea, Australia and other Asian democracies
  • Rebuild NATO partnerships and strengthen NATO
  • End the wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East and withdraw a majority of American troops
  • End the United States' support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen
  • Organize global summits to discuss issues
  • Pursue an extension of the New START Treaty between the United States and Russia
  • Reaffirm the ban on torture and restore transparency in military operations

Pete Buttigieg

  • Served for seven months in Afghanistan as a lieutenant in U.S. Navy Reserve
  • “End the endless war” in Afghanistan through negotiated peace agreement
  • End military support for the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen
  • Supports two-state solution between Israel and Palestine
  • Views climate change as “existential crisis” for U.S. that must involve diplomacy 
  • Qasim Soleimani a "threat" to U.S. safety and security but questioned how Trump decided to kill him

 Amy Klobuchar

  • ​Strengthen sanctions against Russia
  • Renew committments to the UN and NATO
  • Restore American leadership by rebuilding and fully funding the State Department
  • Rebuild a relationship with Cuba that leads to lifting the embargo
  • Strengthen relationships with Japan, South Korea and Asian Pacific countries
  • Support negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians that leads to a two-state solution
  • Rejoin the Iran Nuclear Agreement
  • Extend the New START nuclear arms reduction treaty
  • End the war in Afghanistan and bring all troops home within four years

Bernie Sanders

  • Implement a foreign policy that focuses on human rights, economic fairness, democracy
  • Reenter the United States into the Iran Nuclear Agreement
  • Allow Congress to assert its Constitutional authority in decisions of war
  • Withdraw American troops from Afghanistan and end the war
  • Withdraw U.S. support for the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen
  • Reconsider U.S. aid for Israel, making it contingent on Israel having a peaceful relationship with Palestinians

Elizabeth Warren

  • Reduce defense spending about 11%
  • Opposes war with Iran
  • In Afghanistan, would bring home troops “immediately”
  • Supports two-state solution between Israel and Palestine. Opposed to Israeli settlement in West Bank. 
  • Double the size of the U.S. foreign service, opening new posts in "underserved areas"
  • Ban big defense contractors from hiring upper officials from the Department of Defense 
  • Contractors must identify employees who are former DoD officials 
  • Former defense contractors who join government banned from work that affects past employers 
  • Ban senior DoD officials from owning stock

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