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Ciara Johnson

Name: Ciara Johnson

Age: 14

School: Bettendorf Middle School

Parents: Sabrina Quandt and Blake Johnson

Why was student nominated? “CJ is intelligent, hard-working, has a huge heart, will help anyone in need, is a good listener, and looks out for others," said Mary Uhde, language arts teacher. “Ciara has come a long way since first knowing her in 6th grade," said teacher Matt Thompson. "Since then, she has been very pleasant and hard working. She has worked her way into an honors math class. She has shown and demonstrated how to be a model student for her peers. I am so proud of her!Lorelei Andedo, associate principal, added that “Ciara has been a pleasure and helpful in the front office.” Lisa Reid, principal said “although she is not “perfect” she has made such growth. I am very proud of her.”

What is something you are proud of accomplishing? "Not speaking out sometimes makes me proud. I can talk to adults better. I am more polite to adults and I have more self-control."

What makes you happy? "My best friend and my dog make me happy."

What teacher has inspired you and why? "Ms. Reed, my third grade teacher. I talked to her a lot about my problems and she understood them. She also let me look at things from a different perspective. Now there is Mr. Thompson because he pays attention to what is going on. He can sometimes turn a serious situation into a funny one. He makes jokes like I do."

What is your reaction to honor? "It’s cool. I’m excited for my family to see it."

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