After Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown, the protests, fueled by social media, continued for weeks and spread across the country. Here, from the epicenter, is the story of Ferguson.

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Eagles reach adulthood at five years old, but 70 to 80 percent of them die before that point; 50 percent die from falls, starvation or siblicide before they’re one year old. Those that survive can live up to 25 years in the wild, and up to 50 in captivity.The wingspan of an eagle ranges from…

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Antique Archaeology - American Pickers: 563-265-3939. Antique Archaeology is a shop that specializes in the odd and unusual. Its owner, LeClaire's Mike Wolfe, is a professional antiques picker. He and Frank Fritz are the hosts of “American Pickers,” a show on the History Channel. 10 a.m. unt…

Bald eagles have launched their annual return in search of open, warmer water and fish. Dams create turbulence below the surface of the river, which in turn, keeps pockets of water from freezing. Additionally, experts say wooded areas that overlook the water provide excellent roosting habita…

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So far, wintering bald eagles aren't much using the three wood perches installed in the fall of 2017 at Lock & Dam 14 near LeCLaire to replace two trees that were cut down.

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The bald eagle population in the lower 48 states made such a strong recovery from its low point in 1963 that the bird was "delisted" as a federally endangered and threatened species in 2007.

Senate District 49 includes all of Clinton County and portions of northern and eastern Scott County, including LeClaire, McCausland, Park View and Princeton. The seat is open; incumbent Democrat Rita Hart is running for lieutenant governor.

DES MOINES — Whether an accountant or attorney is better suited to run the state auditor’s office, and interpretation of how state law guides the auditor’s duties are at the heart of one of Iowa’s down-ballot elections.

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LuAnn Haydon has turned her own experiences of breaking the gender barrier early in her career at Deere & Co. into valuable lessons for today's emerging women leaders and startup nonprofit organizations. 

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